Suqian Green Wooden Products Co., Ltd. is located in Suqian City, which is known as Home of Popular. We focus on the production of all kinds of food packaging boxes. We adhere to sustainable development of modern ecological concept, we have abundant local poplar wood resources.  Our green wood chip boxes fully meet the requirements of food safety.

Poplar tree grows fast, strong resistance to diseases, generally 8 - 10 years for cutting down, is preferably for food safety wooden lunch box.

The company has passed the FSC international forest certification, which ensures the sustainability of the timber from the source. The lunch boxes are well made and each wood section is carefully chosen. In the production process, strictly prohibited any form of bleaching, landscaping, all wooden colors are derived from natural wood, with the wooden timber node natural form, providing more sense of simple lunch box.

We are in strict accordance with the international advanced production process, the product has passed the SGS European standard food contact safety standards testing, to ensure food safety.