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     Questions and Answers

    1. Are you a Manufacturer?
        Yes. Founded in 2002, Suqian Green Wooden Products Co., Ltd. is located in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province.

    2. What’s your main product scale?
       Our products are made of poplar, main products include wooden lunch box, wooden baking mould, wooden plate and wooden basket.

    3. Do you have food safety grade certificates for your products?
        We can do FDA, DGCCRF, LFGB etc food grade test for every order.

    4. Can we get samples?
        Samples to all the products on the website are available.

    5. Your policy on damages, rejections?
        We'll cover all the lost caused by our part. A factory cannot go further without the courage to admit its own fault.

    6. Payment methods 
        TT payment. 30% paid in advance, the rest be banlanced before delivery. We can also accept 30% TT and the rest through LC payment.

    7. Do you sterilize products ? If so what is the methodology used?
        We use ozone disinfection.

    8. How is the packing done ? 
        Cardboard carton

    9. What is the shelf life of the products? Does your product has expiration?
        6 month in ordinary temperature.

    10.Does it smells or changes color after certain time period?
         No smells. It will become a little bit yellow after 7-8 months.

    11.Does your product require any specific temperature for storage?
         No special temperature required. Ordinary temperature will do.

    12.What measures are taken to avoid bugs/termite formation since raw material is wood?
         After the ozone disinfection, our products are packed by PP bags first, which is airtight. The Cardboard carton is taped roundly